School Staff


Head Teacher:        Mrs. Liz Orland  (also headteacher of Danby CE VC Primary School)

Teachers:               Mrs. Pam Seller - Part-time Y3/4 mornings

                               Mrs Lucy Webster - Y5/6 mornings and whole KS2 afternoons

                               Miss Georgiana Robertson - EYFS and KS1


Classroom Assistants                Mrs. Lyn Coldbeck

                                                 Mrs Jo Vasey

                                                 Ms Bev Gardiner

                                                 Mr Finley Drew

                                                 Mrs Donna Jackson


Midday Supervisory Assistants         Mrs. Jean Boddy                                                                                                    Miss Angie Carr


Primary Administrator/Bursar            Mrs. Lyn Coldbeck.

Clerical Assistant                                Mrs Kelly Harland

Caretaker/Cleaner                              Mr Ron Dunn

Cook                                                   Miss Ali McKay